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Flåtthjelp (“Tick-Aid”) is run by Laila Wold.
Laila Wold

This non-profit website has come into being thanks to my complete recovery from undiagnosed Lyme disease lasting for more than six years ( Teasel Root Healing Lyme Disease is my story in English). My life was given back to me thanks to Tincture of Teasel Root, and this has given me the inspiration to share information about teasel as well as other herbs helpful for Lyme.

The information has been gathered from articles and books mostly written by American herbalists – Lady Barbara, Stephen H. Buhner, dr. Philip Fritchey and Matthew Wood. A book by the German medical anthropologist and ethnobotanist Wolf D. Storl has moreover been an important source of information. Two other inspiring US sources have been Lyme Hope’s Teleseminars organized by Cheryl Young as well as Katina I. Makris’ book Out of the Woods – Healing Lyme Disease – Body, Mind & Spirit. (By 17 December 2017 the websites Lady Barbara’s Garden and Lyme Hope are no longer available.)

This site also has some infomation on Lyme Disease in Norway based on articles from the media as well as some reports. The description is not, I’m afraid, very flattering.

I have a Social Science background, roughly equivalent to an MA, from England and Norway, and approximately 25 years experience of working in the multi-cultural field for the public sector. One year’s stay in Sri Lanka and India is part of my baggage too.

I’m an Astrology Diploma holder from The White Eagle School of Astrology in England and a member of The Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI). I’m also trained as an EFT-therapist (Emotional Freedom Technique) through EFT Norge (EFT Norway).

As far as herbs are concerned, we have access to an impressive and very useful Norwegian website, Urtekilden, which is run by Christina and Rolv Hjelmstad. Please contact Urtekilden for inquiries about herbs.

For suppliers of Tincture of Teasel Root, please see Resources for English-speaking visitors.

Posted 11.06.2013
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