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This is an overview of sources for information on teasel, a small selection of websites with information on Lyme as well as books, articles, interviews and films.  At the end of the overview there is a list of dealers / producers of Tincture of Teasel Root as well as information about the dosage of Tincture of Teasel Root. Right at end of the page there is also information about suppliers of other herbal remedies.


Sources for information on teasel

Teasel (Dipsacus sylvestris / D. fullonum)                Photo © Rolv Hjelmstad

Healing Lyme Disease Naturally  (2010)  –  Wolf D. Storl

Herbal Spotlight: Teasel Root – Cottonboro Farm /Karen Wentworth

Lyme-Aid  –  Dr. Philip Fritchey

Making Teasel Root Tincture – Lady Barbara

Teasel Root Healing Lyme Disease – Laila Wold

Teasel Root: An Amazing Herb to Heal – Katherine Darlington

Teasel Root the Carnivore Plant that Heals Your Body – Adri Golding

Teasel, Wild Rose and Parsnipflower Buckwheat – Celebrating Gaia’s Herbal Gifts / Herbal Goddess Musings

The Book of Herbal Wisdom  (1997)  – Matthew Wood

The TeaselLymer’s Garden  (Facebook) – Christine Tolf

Treatment of Lyme Disease with Teasel and other Herbs – Matthew Wood,  Journal of the American Herbalist Guild 2013; 11 (2): 38-51



Beneficial Botanicals  – Beneficial Botanicals’ page on Lyme Disease FAQ

Beneficial Botanicals – Beneficial Botanicals’ page on Lyme Disease Herbalists & Their Protocol

Buhner Healing Lyme – Stephen H. Buhner

ILADS –   The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society



Buhner, Stephen Harrod, Healing Lyme  – Natural Healing and Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis and Its Coinfections (2005)

Buhner, Stephen Harrod, Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections – Complementary and Holistic Treatments for Bartonella and Mycoplasma (2013)

Buhner, Stephen Harrod, Natural Treatments for Lyme Coinfections – Anaplasma, Babesia, and Ehrlichia  (2015)

Buhner, Stephen Harrod,  Healing Lyme –  Natural Healing of Lyme Borreliosis and the Coinfections Chlamydia and Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis, 2nd edition (2015)

Makaris, Katinka I., Out of the Woods – Healing Lyme Disease – Body, Mind & Spirit (2011)

McFadzean, Nicola, The Beginner’s Guide to Lyme Disease – Diagnosis and Treatment Made Simple (2012)

Storl, Wolf D., Healing Lyme Disease Naturally  – History, Analysis and Treatments (2010)

Wood, Matthew, The Book of Herbal Wisdom – Using Plants as Medicines (1997)


Articles & reports

Bennet, Louise, Erythema Migrans in Primary Health Care, Lund University, Malmö 2005

Bransfield, Robert C., MD, The Neuropsychiatric Assessment of Lyme Disease

Buhner, Stephen Harrod,  Considerations in the Clinical Treatment of Lyme and Its Coinfections, Journal of the American Herbalist Guild 2013; 11 (2): 27-37

Burrascano Jr., Joseph J., Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease, 2008

Fallon, Brian A. and Jenifer A. Nields, Lyme disease: a neuropsychiatric illness, American  Journal of Psychiatry 1994; 151 (11): 1571-83

Life Moves, How to Stay Active if You Have Lyme Disease,  Speaking Truth to Power: Dr. Liegner Lays it Out for the IOM, 2010

Marzillier, Sarah L., Why psychologists need to know about Lyme Disease, Clinical Psychology Forum 2009

Lion's Mane Mushroom - Hericium erinaceus
Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Hericium erinaceus

McIntyre, Julie, Lyme Disease Case Study, Journal of the American Herbalist Guild 2013; 11 (2): 57-62

Northage-Orr, Althea, Treatment for Lyme Disease with Liposomal Vitamin C, Diet, Neurotransmitter Support Supplements, and Herbs,  Journal of the American Herbalist Guild 2013; 11 (2): 12-26

Snow, Rebecca  A Lyme Disease Primer, Journal of the American Herbalist Guild 2013; 11 (2): 5-11

Weissbuch, Brian K., TCM Protocols in the Treatment of Lyme Disease, Journal of the American Herbalist Guild 2013; 11 (2): 52-56

Wood, Matthew,  Treatment of Lyme Disease with Teasel and other Herbs, Journal of the American Herbalist Guild 2013; 11 (2): 38-51


Interviews – audio

Katina Makris, author of Out of the Woods – Healing Lyme Disease – Body, Mind & Spirit, was hosting a weekly program, Lyme Light Radio with Katina Makrisfor two years (2013-2015). All the interviews are still available.



Translation of Prof Montagnier Interview – Lyme Disease Autism and Borrelia  – Looking at Lyme Disease

Interview: Stephen H. Buhner – Tired of Lyme

Lyme discoverer Willy Burgdorfer breaks silence on heated discovery – Under Our Skin



Under Our Skin  – The Hidden Story of Lyme Disease. An American documentary from 2009 which includes a useful discussion guide.

Under Our Skin 2 – Emergence (2014)

Lyme Disease, What is going on? (002) – A YouTube presentation of Eivind Markhus who was diagnosed with ALS in Norway but was later diagnosed with Lyme in the US and treated by Lyme medical doctors. (2007)



Dealers / producers of  Tincture of Teasel Root

Teasel (Dipsacus sylvestris)


Great Britain
Napiers Herbals Ltd

Please note that Napiers has made an announcement regarding shipping to EU countries:


Gesund_im_Net (Berit Jesse)

Information in English:



USA (dealers / producers who send abroad)
Cottonboro Farm

Walker Farms


USA (dealers / producers who don’t send to Europe, but perhaps friends in the US could order and send the tincture)
Avena Botanicals Herbal Apothecary & Gardens

Beneficial Botanicals

Greenwood Herbals


Other websites
It’s also possible to order Tincture of Teasel Root from the following websites by for instance searching for  ‘tincture of teasel root’, ‘teasel tincture’, ‘teasel root’ or for the German name ‘kardenwurzel’:


Dosage of Tincture of Teasel Root

Matthew Wood, the American herbalist who discovered teasel root’s healing properties for Lyme, recommends 1-3 drops, 1-3 times a day (cf. The Book of Herbal Wisdom). 


Silhouettes of Teasels - Dipsacus sylvestris /D. fullonum
Silhouettes of Teasels


Suppliers of other herbal remedies

Many of the suppliers listed above also supply other herbal remedies helpful for Lyme disease and the coinfections. Please check their websites. Buhner Healing Lyme has a useful overview of suppliers of herbal remedies: General Herb Sources.

Urtekilden /
7340 Oppdal
Phone: + 47 72 42 46 72 (weekdays 10-16)

Norges NaturmedisinSentral as –


Natur-Drogeriet A/S
Nydamsvej 13-15
DK- 8362 Hørning
Phone: + 45 87 68 29 11


Great Britain
Detox Trading Ltd

Please note that Detox Trading only ships to UK mainland at the moment:


Napiers Herbals Ltd

Please note that Napiers has made an announcement regarding shipping to EU countries:

Napiers has established a new EU Dispensary Service:

Napiers has devoted a page to Buhner Lyme Protocol.

It’s also heart-warming to read the following on the same page: ‘We know that Lyme sufferers are often unable to work and income is tight. If you suffer from Lyme, type LYME into the coupon code box on the payment page to get 25% off products listed on this page.’

Napiers has moreover got a Lyme Clinic.


Organic Herbal Remedies Ltd

(Silybum marianum)
Foto © Rolv Hjelmstad



Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Hericium erinaceus
en. wikipedia. org

Silhouettes of Teasels
/ 123RF Stock Photo

Milk Thistle / Lady’s Thistle – Silybum marianum
Rolv Hjelmstad / Urtekilden


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